Becrypt launches Paradox at CYBERUK 2017






Becrypt has announced the launch of Paradox; the secure operating system for an uncompromising combination of security, usability and efficiency, for organisations moving to cloud, virtualized or web app environments.

Paradox, which is being exclusively unveiled at CYBERUK 2017, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)’s cyber security and IA event, has been developed by Becrypt in conjunction with UK Government departments who are seeking a secure, virtual enterprise desktop solution whilst reducing internal IT resource requirements.

Paradox aims to assist organisations, Government bodies and defence agencies that are facing sophisticated and persistent threats on their infrastructure with the most robust OS on their desktops, helping to reduce their cyber risks and attack surface.

The solution, which is available as either on-premise or a hosted offering, provides a platform for back-end access to services and a secure web-browser, removing the need for all other security applications at endpoint. The intuitive desktop interface is designed to provide a seamless experience for users at any location, while also simplifying management processes for administrators.

Paradox grants complete control of the data and devices accessible to suppliers, agencies and third parties, enabling administrators to unify security by applying standards and policies at scale. This makes it possible for organisations to ensure greater collaboration, have greater trust in third-party suppliers and support a remote workforce, by providing both a secure OS and web-browser that users can access virtually, and which leaves no digital footprint.

For in-house IT teams that are already facing the challenge of defending themselves with limited staff and cyber skills resource, Paradox’s intuitive, integrated and automated management capabilities reduces the time required to manage a multitude of devices and data by putting the organisation back in control, without impinging on the user experience.

Based upon Linux, Paradox is a highly secure and light weight desktop, which ensures that malware cannot gain a foothold within an organisation through the combination of boot time integrity checks and its Read-Only operating system.

The innovative use of Remote Attestation enables Paradox to perform a unique Post Attack Self Healing feature and supports the concept of Federated Device Identity by enabling third party services to check the integrity of the connecting device itself, not just the user.

Bernard Parsons, Co-founder and CEO of Becrypt, comments: “Paradox removes the common barriers, including high costs, depleting IT resource and poor usability, that have previously been associated with secure desktop solutions. Our defence-in-depth approach has been designed to not only help organisations reduce attacks, but also to simultaneously enable them to increase their ability to detect attacks and reduce the impact an attack could have on their business.”

He continues: “This is a significant innovation for UK organisations and departments that require a high level of security to protect their infrastructure and the data held within them, but can’t afford any operational implications that so often come hand in hand with secure solutions. For too long there has been a conflict between security and usability when it comes to enterprise desktop offerings. We are currently seeing an important step change in cyber security resilience within the UK and, by working with UK Government as a continued, trusted supplier of encryption solutions, we are able to proactively address the challenges facing UK organisations head on and set the standard for future desktop security deployments.”


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